Marshall Masters Video

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Video Montage

Not to be confused with a photo slideshow, our montage features beautifully shot video that glides and pans seamlessly through the property highlighting the best features from the most flattering angles, this is the perfect solution for the busy agent who does not want to appear on camera to deliver scripted lines, drone aerial footage can be easily added to this booking by selecting drone in the service menu

(1 hour)
$ 295.00

Premium Video (Featuring Agent)

Live to camera intro from agent.
Script voice over recording from agent about the main features.
Stabilised gimbal video moving through house and grounds.
Artistic and stylized shots of unique features of property.
Up to 3 live pieces to camera with agent in feature areas: e.g. living areas, decks, outdoor living.
1-2 general vicinity shots of immediate surrounds to property. e.g.: parks, beach, playgrounds, cafes.
Call to action live to camera with agent.
Quality colour grade and sound mix.
Drone aerial footage is an additional add on.

(1 hour and 30 minutes)
$ 449.00

Bespoke Video

For Interesting and exclusive properties this can be the perfect option.
Please contact us to discuss your bespoke needs.
All sorts of options are available, evening shoots, dawn shoots, Involving Family members of the Vendors, of course the basics are all included however this gives you the ability to raise the bar when it comes to marketing premium properties with video. Price is POA

(3 hours)
$ 700.00

Aerial footage (add on)

Add aerial video footage for a totally unique view and added wow factor

(30 minutes)
$ 150.00